Bash for DBAs – Part 1

Many Oracle databases are running on Linux/UNIX systems, and many DBAs need to write all kind of scripts. Over the years I’ve written probably tens of thousands of script lines (the longest script I remember was about 3000 lines), and almost every time I had the chance to learn something new. Bash is really really sophisticated and complex. One thing I will never forget is a sysadmin at one of my customers who taught me something new. When I asked him how he knows all of this bash stuff, he simply pointed at a book and said “read this and you’ll know everything as well”. It was a book containing the entire bash manual (the same as running “man bash”), and it was much larger than I would have expected. I have to admit that I haven’t read the entire manual yet…

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Moving to a Different Continent

It’s been a year (and a week) since I moved from the small Israel to the huge Canada. I knew it wouldn’t be easy both personally and professionally, but until you actually do this you don’t know how strange it is.

I’d like to share with you some of the professional difficulties I’ve experienced in the last year. These difficulties are related to many areas, founding DBAces Canada, being an Oracle ACE and more.

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