My Big Move

I’m moving to Vancouver, Canada!

This is one of the biggest decisions I’ve made in my life, and it wasn’t an easy one. My wife decided to leave her job and do a Ph.D. and after many years of thinking about moving to a different country, we decided to take this opportunity as an excuse to move.

Our flight is very soon, on Aug 3rd 2015, and I’m both exited and nervous. I know there is going to be an adjustment period, I hope that after that everything will be fine.

Regarding my professional area, I plan to take at least 2 months off (to get organized and support the kids during this time), after that I hope to start working. I’ll also try to find time to write in the blog.

I’m leaving my position at Brillix as VP Professional Services, and the plan is to start Brillix branch and consulting in Vancouver. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have some information, recommendation or needs around Vancouver.


5 thoughts on “My Big Move

  1. Liron.
    Really great person.
    I am sure you will succeed in Canada.
    Wishes you and your family easy move to Canada.
    Keep in touch


  2. Taking a bold step like this takes guts. I respect you for it, my friend.
    These days the world is made small by technology, this will help you undoubtedly…
    I wish you all the best, knowing you will make it just fine!!
    All the best wishes and (hope I get it right) בהצלחה


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