My New Location and OOW15

It’s been three months since I moved to Vancouver Canada, and so far everything is going well. My wife started her studies, my kids started their daycare and kindergarten and everything is really great. So I packed a suitcase and came to Oracle Open World in San Francisco for the week. It’s so much fun that it’s a 2 hour flight and no jet-lag, unlike the 20-hour flights from Israel.

This is my 6th OOW (I have attended the conference every year since 2010) and it’s by far the busiest one for me (and I didn’t even go shopping this year…).
I arrived on Saturday, just to get together with some friends from Israel, and the conference started on Sunday. Since then I have managed to talk to several user group leaders, Oracle University, people from Oracle Support, one of the directors of the optimizer development teams, many Oracle ACEs, People that arrived from Oracle Israel and it’s only Tuesday!
I have scheduled many meetings, sent many mails, and just chatted with many people, as this is very important for me now. I have just realized that I know many people from the Oracle community, but most of them are from Europe, as this was my community until recently. Now I need to get to know people from North America as well, and where is the best place to meet them if not OOW?

So I’m here, and it’s just fantastic. Busy, but fun, and I love it.
I hope that in the day and a half I still have here (I’m leaving Thursday morning) I’ll meet more interesting people involved with the community.
I would also like to get involved with the Vancouver Oracle User Group (VanOUG). I’ve been in touch with them already and I’ll update how it’s going.
If you are at OOW and want to meet, just let me know.
See you around

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