Did You Know #10 – GG License

I just found out an interesting information regarding Golden Gate license, it seems to include license to full use of Active Data Guard and XStream. So if you need any high throughput replication, zero downtime upgrade or any other functionality that Golden Gate provides, and also wish to use Xstream or Active Data Guard, you can simply do that with no extra charge (as far as I know regarding Data Guard, the standby database does not cost extra, but active Data Guard does).

That being said, remember that I’m not an Oracle sales manager and you have to verify these things with your sales manager before using these features.

One thought on “Did You Know #10 – GG License

  1. This is one I did know!

    If I recall correctly, the Enterprise Manager license allows for a restricted use 2-node RAC database, as long as OEM is the only database on the cluster. This is how you can achieve the highest MAA OEM config without paying for all the licensing.


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