Did You Know #14 – Bug Fixes Lists

Oracle database is a very complex software, and as we all know, has bugs. Oracle tries to address these bugs, and fixes a lot of them all the time. Except specific fixes, they publish patchsets (which might introduce more than only bug fixes) and PSUs. If you are not aware of these patch types and how it works, you are welcome to read my post about it here.

Many times, people ask me about bugs that were fixed in a patchset/PSU. So I decided to write this to let you know that Oracle publishes the full list of bugs for each patchset and PSU. It was a “hobby” of mine a few years back to look at the list and find the weirdest and most unbelievable bugs (yeah, I’m a geek, I know).

If you simply login to MOS and look for the exact 4 digit version and “list of fixes” you’ll find it immediately. For example, note 1683802.1 contains all the bugs that got fixed in (meaning they existed in, and note 1562142.1 contains the list of bugs that got fixed in (existed in

Another important thing to know is that Oracle also provides information about known issues. If you search the version and “known issues” you will found notes like 1562139.1 (known issues in and 1683799.1 (known issues in

Both “list of fixes” and “known issues” lists exist for PSUs as well. The “list of fixes” notes look a bit different for PSU, like note 1924126.1 (called Patch Set Updates – List of Fixes in each PSU).

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