Oracle Support Frustration

If you remember, after the last OOW I was very impressed by the Oracle Support people I met there. They were very knowledgeable and willing to help and solve problems. But now I remember why people are frustrated with Oracle Support…

Over a month ago I tried to restore a database backup from S3 (I’m using the Oracle Secure Backup module for Amazon S3). The backup was successful, but the restore got timeout. I looked for a solution, found a bug, patched the system and still had problems. So I opened an SR.

A week passed with no response, so I tried the cool chat feature. No one was available, oh well. I updated the SR asking for a response. Another week passed, so I decided to call. After my call, I got a response: add a few parameters to the config file and install a newer S3 module (they don’t have versions, so I needed to check the file properties to see that it is actually different than the one I’ve already installed).

I tried to install the new version and got java errors. I updated the SR with the errors and waited. After a week I asked for an update and after another week I called again. They transferred me to a different engineer that should be more responsive. The answer I got is that I used Java 1.5 (as the readme says), but that’s a mistake (in the readme file) and according to the developers I need 1.7 or up. I tried using Java 1.7 and got a different error, so I updated the SR again. This time I got a quick response indeed, the Java version is too old, I need 1.8 (but you said 1.7, oh, never mind). I used Java 1.8 and managed to install the new version, yay!

I tried the restore again (with the parameters they asked for and the new version), but still got timeouts. So once more I updated the SR and I attached the log and trace files from rman. This is the reply I got: “You managed to install the module? Great, now the timeouts are a different issue so log a new SR”. Really?? The timeouts were the reason I opened the SR in the first place! I wrote that in the SR and the reply was: “OK, I see, so please set parameters in the config file, restore again and send me the log and trace”. But I did that already, *sigh*.

I understand the frustration from Oracle Support. The 4 weeks wait in total, the mistake over and over again with the Java versions (I can accept the readme error, but once you check that with the developers, please get the right version), and much worse is asking me for something I already did and uploaded (and it’s definitely not the first time they do it to me) and trying to close the SR because “the problem was solved”.

I am now waiting for their response again, wondering what it will be…


7 thoughts on “Oracle Support Frustration

  1. Welcome to my hell.
    And don’t make a lot of noise about it or you’ll join the “bad dba” club.
    Apparently asking for minimal value return from the egregious support fees is something to be frowned upon…


  2. It’s not your hell, it’s everybody’s. And don’t think it’s the first time (or second, or tenth…) it happened to me personally. I know people that are trying to avoid Oracle Support, but sometimes you just can’t…


  3. I opened an SR “command x raises error y”.
    Answer from Oracle Support: “you can do this by using command x”.
    Huh? Did you even read that command x errors out?

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  4. Totally agree, sometimes I wish Oracle could have someone seriously check the quality of their support, it has really gone bad compared to 10 years ago. Frustration is really the feeling I had most of the time when I worked with the support engineers. Not all of them are bad, but the decent ones are just hard to come by.

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  5. I’m trying to avoid Oracle Support as much as I can. It is simply waste of time (that I don’t have) to reproduce issues over and over again to different engineers and repeat myself usually without any success.

    If there is workaround that would be my first choice, or even not using buggy feature.
    Oracle support is option only if I don’t have any other option available.

    When you hit bug/problem in your production system, you simply don’t have weeks to solve issue.



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