I didn’t have a lot of time to blog during OOW16, so here is the summary of the last 4 days here.

On the sessions side I didn’t go to a lot of them (as expected). I managed to miss my friends sessions (Zohar Elkayam and Ami Aharonivich) I did go to an ODA hands on which was nice, I’ve been to a session for SMBs with Safra Catz, and two sessions about 12.2, one was general and the other one was specifically for DBAs. The DBA one was presented by Connor McDonald, who you might know from Ask Tom. This was probably the best session I’ve been to this year, and it’s not only because of the content, it’s because of Connor being an excellent speaker. Later today will be my last session by Bryn Llewellyn and Oren Nakdimon.

On the events side, I’ve been to a couple of receptions by partners and customers, I’ve been to the Oracle ACE dinner which is always fun, A lunch for Oracle User Group leaders, and Sting and Gwen Stefani show is coming tonight (I would prefer Billy Joel, but he cancelled, so I’ll have to settle for Sting and Gwen).

There were also other stuff happening, talking to Oracle people, meeting some old friends, meeting some potential customers, being a lot in the OTN Lounge and with the Oracle ACE Program people. I talked a few times with Tim Hall, which is always fun. So I’ve been quite busy.

Tomorrow I’m leaving San Francisco for probably the best after-OOW option, a weekend with my wife in Las Vegas.

I’ll be back in Vancouver on Sunday night, ready to start a new week full with tasks.


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