RMOUG Training Days 2018

Next month RMOUG (Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group) will have their annual Training Days conference in Denver. In the past, being in Israel, I wasn’t exposed to most of these “local” OUG conference in North America (I mainly went to European ones) and even if I was, it was difficult for me to attend (money-wise and time-wise).

Now that I live in Vancouver, it’s much easier for me to attend these conferences, so I submit papers when I can (I still can’t go to too many conferences a year). Being an Oracle ACE means that you like talking in conferences (or talking in general in my case), so it’s really fun to be here, close to so many activities in our field.

RMOUG Training Days is one of the largest (if not THE largest) Local Oracle User Group conference in North America. About a year and a half ago I submitted papers for Training Days 2017 and I was respectfully rejected. This year I tried my luck again, and I was really excited when 2 sessions were approved.

The conference will be held in Denver on February 21st-22nd. There is a pre-conference day on the 20th, but unfortunately I won’t be able to participate as I will be arriving in Denver on Tuesday evening.

My first session will be in the first slot of Wednesday (8:30am) and is titled “Would You Make Up Your Mind?”. It’s a session I presented a few times (with a different title) and I like it. I’ll talk about the non-deterministic behavior of the optimizer in later versions of Oracle database.

The second session is brand new. It’s called “From 4 Minutes to 8 Seconds in One Hour” and I’ll present it on Thursday at 11:15am, just before lunch. It’s based on real case and I’ll talk about the “bigger picture” of SQL Tuning.

Being in Denver in winter requires going skiing, so I’ll go skiing on Friday and return home on Saturday early morning.

If you’d like more information about the conference and registration, you can find everything in this link: https://training-days-2018.rmoug.org/home

Looking forward to the conference, hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “RMOUG Training Days 2018”

  1. Hey, Amitzil! I love your blogs and will be at RMOUG. I am working the registration desk and plan to attend at least one of your performance tuning classes. I would love to visit during one of the lunches.

    Jason Brown AKA dba_jay


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