Did You Know #26 – Restoring Standby Control File

If you read my post Restoring Standby Database, you know that one of the problems I had was that the new control file refused to open the database with resetlogs even though the database was consistent.

Apparently, there is a  restore option that I wasn’t aware of in RMAN. When I restored the control file I simply used:

RMAN> restore controlfile from ‘<backuppiece>’ ;

However, instead of that we can use:

RMAN> restore primary controlfile from ‘<backuppiece>’ ;

This should restore the control file and convert it to a primary controlfile. Since the problem I mentioned doesn’t happen in primary databases, this should solve the problem.

There is a catch however, has a bug and it doesn’t work (the restored control file is still a standby control file) so you should install a patch (see note 18455956.8). This is fixed in 12.1.

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