Oracle Open World 2018

Oracle Open World and Oracle Code One conferences are around the corner. In about a month, tons of people from around the world will be in San Francisco and my twitter will explode, as every year.

I just read a post I wrote 2 years ago about why you should go to OOW and I stand behind everything I wrote there.

This year, however, there is something different than the last few years: this year I will present a session as well! The session is called: “Real life SQL tuning: from 4 minutes to 8 seconds in an hour” (well, it will be 45 minutes, but you get the idea). In the session I will explain a real tuning session I had with a client way back. I will tell the entire story, from understanding the problem all the way to solving it while also mentioning a few short stories from other clients, discussing relationship issues between DBAs and developers and more. It’s a fun talk and I hope the audience will like it. So if you are attending OOW/Oracle Code One, come to the session on Monday at 11:30 (Moscone West 2003).

Another important thing is Oak Table Week (OTW). This is an un-conference organized by the Oak Table people and it includes sessions from all the top experts in the field, and completely for free!

And I’ll close this post as I closed the one from 2016:

I have a lot of plans for this year, but there is always free time as well. If you are coming to OOW and you want recommendations or just want to hang out and have a coffee/beer, let me know.

See you there!

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