ODC Appreciation Day – Image-Based Installation

As every year since 2016, we’re having the ODC Appreciation Day around October. If you don’t know what “ODC Appreciation Day” is, it is Tim Hall’s initiative to simply say thank you. It started as “OTN (Oracle Technology Network) appreciation day” and then changed to “ODC (Oracle Developer Community) Appreciation Day” when Oracle rebranded OTN. It is meant to acknowledge that we, as a community, appreciate what the people at Oracle community are doing for us by writing these posts and add the hashtag #ThanksODC.

On this day, everybody tells a story or shares a cool thing about Oracle. In 2016 I wrote about RAC, in 2017 about plan statistics, and today about software installation.

What I really like about the newer versions of Oracle is the image-based installation. It started with 12.2 GI installation and continues with 18c DB installation. With image-based installation you download a zip file, unzip it to your desired software home (GI_HOME or ORACLE_HOME) and then run the installation script. Unlike before, the script doesn’t install the software (the files and everything is already there) but just register it. It takes a fraction of the installation time of previous versions and it’s so simple and quick.

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