If ORA- Codes Were Buildings

It all started when Franck Pachot tweeted a simple tweet. The tweet was of building number 600 at Oracle offices and Franck wrote: “Dedicated to all ORA-600 friends”. To that Connor McDonald replied with: “The 7445 building is in the middle of the lake. Don’t try go there :-)” which led me to start a thread of “if buildings behaved according to the meaning of their ORA- number”.

So here is what I’ve got so far, have any additions? Add them in the comments or send them to me and I’ll add them:

  • Building 0 – is just a normal building (Connor McDonald)
  • Building 1 – standing where another building already stands
  • Building 18 – there are too many people in the building, you cannot enter
  • Building 36 – Sorry stairs broken, you have to take the elevator now (Emanuel Oliveira)
  • Building 42 – This isn’t the building you’re looking for (mathiasmag)
  • Building 60 – the door has 2 locks, but when you unlock one, the other one locks automatically
  • Building 100 – I’ve never found it (Connor McDonald)
  • Building 912 –  too small for you (Erik van Roon)
  • Building 942 – it doesn’t exist
  • Building 1013 – Building Demolished (Sergio Del Rio)
  • Building 1031 – you can never enter it, because you don’t have enough privileges
  • Building 1555 – I don’t remember I reached it (Franck Pachot)
  • Building 2070 – all employees must be on-site and all meetings in-person. No telecommuting! (Bob Bryla)
  • Building 2202 – has all the furniture it needs (Erik van Roon)
  • Building 3113 – located at the road’s dead end (Joel Garry)
  • Building 7445 – building is in the middle of the lake. Don’t try go there (Connor McDonald)
  • Building 10028 – a superfund dump (Joel Garry)
  • Building 10080 – a dump you are stuck with (Joel Garry)
  • Building 12505 – nobody knows this building (Łukasz Bednarek)
  • Buildings 20000..20999 – mostly built by Oracle’s customers, some on top of other customers’ buildings at the same spot, leading to some confusion (APEX/JeffreyKemp.sql)

There are also TNS- messages (thanks Joel Garry for the idea):

  • Building 19 – Tower of Babel destroyed (Joel Garry)
  • Building 28 – That darn manager is never where he is supposed to be (Joel Garry)
  • Building 12541 – there is no door

Not ORA- codes, but still funny:

  • Buildings 13-17 – there are no such buildings, Oracle jumped straight from 12 to 18 (Stew Ashton)
  • Building 10046 – For a while I could locate it… I had to retrace my steps. Got my self in quite a bind waiting for the elevator to get to level 12 (Connor McDonald)
  • I tried finding a table in building 10053, but it was too complicated. Luckily the tables in building 10200 remained where they were… (Frits Hoogland)


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