Oracle 12.2 is Released!

Remember my post about Oracle 12.2 release date? I’ve heard rumors that Oracle changed the date to March 1st, and it was right!

Oracle 12.2 is available for download for Linux x86-64, and Solaris (both SPARC and x86-64). I don’t know the release dates for other platforms. This is the download page:

I’m downloading it as I write, and hopefully will have time to play with it a little bit soon. I wrote so much about new features that I have to try some of them at least. Stay tuned!

Scanning an Index

The internet is full of information about indexes, and for a reason. Indexes in a database is probably the most important performance related topic. There are so many cases, properties, and different ways to use indexes that there is simply a lot to write about. In this post I’d like to talk about a specific use case that I’ve seen a few times, and is related to index scans and performance.

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Executing Queries from the Application

Databases are designed to hold data and retrieve it, so they are optimized to run queries. Over the years I’ve seen quite a few cases where the developers did things on the application side that could be easily done on the database side, and almost every time moving it to the database improved the performance. And I’m not talking about the business logic or the “application layer”, but the data access, which is the thing that the database is build for.

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More Cool 12.2 Features

If you’ve read my post about 12.2 new features and liked it, you will like this one as well. I’ve recently looked at presentations from OOW16, and found one by Keith Laker from Oracle. Keith, as principal PM for analytic SQL, talked about DWH features in 12.2, and they are great.

I’d like to thanks Keith for uploading the presentation. I will review some of the feature from the presentation, and will only mention the them without a deep explanation. There is a link to the original presentation below.

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