More Cool 12.2 Features

If you’ve read my post about 12.2 new features and liked it, you will like this one as well. I’ve recently looked at presentations from OOW16, and found one by Keith Laker from Oracle. Keith, as principal PM for analytic SQL, talked about DWH features in 12.2, and they are great.

I’d like to thanks Keith for uploading the presentation. I will review some of the feature from the presentation, and will only mention the them without a deep explanation. There is a link to the original presentation below.

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Oracle 12.2 Sharding Option

Lately I wrote a post about 12.2 new features. In the post I didn’t list sharding (probably one of the biggest features in this version), as I wanted to dedicate an entire post for it. In this post I will cover this option , but please note, as 12.2 is only released for the cloud and no one can install it and play with it, all the information is based on presentations I’ve seen at OOW and a chat I had with one of the developers in the demo ground. There might be some inaccuracies or mistakes in the post.

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Real Application Testing – DB Replay

This is the post that will complete my Real Application Testing series (for now at least). In this post I’ll talk about the DB Replay.

If you haven’t read my previous post about RAT, you should probably start with them. The first post was introduction to RAT and the second was about the SPA.

As I explained before, RAT allows us to perform all kind of tests before making a change to the production database. The first component is the SPA which is a “unit testing” for SQL statements in order to see how the change affects the SQLs. The second component is the DB Replay which I’ll discuss here. Continue reading