Israelis in the Wide World

I ran into this post on Linkedin talking about what non-Israeli people should expect when working with Israelis (and especially if they visit Israel for business). It’s a very nice read and it’s not long. After reading it (and laughing to myself, as it’s quite accurate), I decided to write this post. Most of the people that read my blog are spread around the world, and the culture difference between countries is truly interesting.

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Moving to a Different Continent

It’s been a year (and a week) since I moved from the small Israel to the huge Canada. I knew it wouldn’t be easy both personally and professionally, but until you actually do this you don’t know how strange it is.

I’d like to share with you some of the professional difficulties I’ve experienced in the last year. These difficulties are related to many areas, founding DBAces Canada, being an Oracle ACE and more.

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New – Scripts Page

I added a new page to my blog, the Script page!

I know it doesn’t have a lot of content right now, but it has some useful links to scripts and relevant posts. I plan to add interesting and important scripts to it.

I hope you will find it useful, and if you have any comments/suggestions/anything else, please share them with me.

You can find the page from the top menu or here.


Happy Blog Birthday!!

I just realized that I started my blog in March 2015 so I checked and it’s exactly today, March 2nd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 1 year old blog!

I wrote 41 posts and a little bit over 8000 views, and I think it’s not too bad for the first year.

I wish my blog to continue growing, get more traffic, interest more people and look a little bit better :-/ (yeah, I know I need to work on that).

I hope you enjoy my writing and I will be happy to hear your feedback, comments and suggestion for the coming year.

My New Location and OOW15

It’s been three months since I moved to Vancouver Canada, and so far everything is going well. My wife started her studies, my kids started their daycare and kindergarten and everything is really great. So I packed a suitcase and came to Oracle Open World in San Francisco for the week. It’s so much fun that it’s a 2 hour flight and no jet-lag, unlike the 20-hour flights from Israel.

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Exciting News

Hi all,

I know I haven’t published a technical post for a while now, I’m quite busy lately. As you might know, I’m moving to Vancouver, Canada on August 3rd, and it’s quite a lot of work to pack up your entire life and move. So I don’t have much time now.

The move is 2 weeks from today, and I’m both excited and sad. It’s not easy to leave everything and everyone behind, but we are looking forward to our new life.

Besides that, I’ve been working on my OCP for the last couple of months. Being a DBA for 17 years now and Oracle ACE for about 6, I didn’t find the time to get ready and take these exams. So lately I decided to do that. A couple of days ago I finally got my certification, and I’m an OCP 11g now as well!

I hope to get back to writing soon, I have a backlog of stuff I want to write about.

See you soon (especially if you’re a Canadian).