Understanding Oracle Patching

Lately, I talked to several customers about Oracle patches, and each time it takes me quite a while to explain how it works.

So for all of you who don’t know about the different patching options (and what’s new in 12c), here is a short explanation about the topic.

Update (Feb 2016) – Oracle has recently changed the naming method for PSUs, please read my update here. Continue reading “Understanding Oracle Patching”

Listener Registration Explained

Why do We Need Listener Registration?

In Oracle environment, we have a special component that listens to network requests to connect and pass them on to the instance. This is the listener, of course. We need to remember that a single listener can serve several instances, and a single instance can be served by several listeners. So in order to do its job, the listener needs to know all the instances it serves. Continue reading “Listener Registration Explained”