Listener Registration Explained

Why do We Need Listener Registration?

In Oracle environment, we have a special component that listens to network requests to connect and pass them on to the instance. This is the listener, of course. We need to remember that a single listener can serve several instances, and a single instance can be served by several listeners. So in order to do its job, the listener needs to know all the instances it serves. Continue reading “Listener Registration Explained”

Introduction to Real Application Testing

In this post I’d like to review a feature called RAT (or Real Application Testing). This feature is an Enterprise Edition database option and is not new at all, it was introduced in 11gR1.

In Oracle, there are different tools that allow the DBA to perform complex tasks very easily and efficiently. RAT is exactly one of these tools, its goal is to validate any change we make to our database. It has a very good OEM integration (Grid Control 11g or Could Control 12c), but it can be used independently using packages supplied in the database itself. Continue reading “Introduction to Real Application Testing”

First Post

Hi all,

So, this is my first post here. If you know me, you probably know that I wrote quite a few articles and post in the past. Most of them in Hebrew, some in English. I also had several presentations, at Oracle Open World, OUGF Harmony conference, and I’m traveling soon to OUG Ireland.

Here I’ll translate my articles into English, and write all kind of things related to my Oracle experience.

I hope you enjoy.