Researching a Bug

A few months ago we hit an Oracle bug related to streams replication crash after creating an index (bug 21320182). There is a patch so we installed the patch in test and it seemed to solve the problem, but we never patched the production.

Today we hit this issue in production after creating an index we needed. It’s important to say that we wanted to patch the prod a while ago, but we didn’t get approval for maintenance window.

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Tips for Upgrading a Database

In February ’17 I participated in Mike Dietrich’s upgrade workshop and it was great! I don’t want to repeat stuff that he said there, you can read everything on his blog. This workshop made me think about upgrades I did in the past (and I did quite a few) and important things to think about before and after upgrading a database.

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Interviewing a DBA

As you can probably understand from the title, this is not going to be a regular post (and a bit long as well), as usually my posts are technical. I have been thinking about writing this post for a while now, and lately, for some unknown reason, have had the urge to finally start. It will be about my opinion and my experience with DBA interviews.

I have been a DBA since 1998, which is about 17 years now, when I’m writing this. I have to admit that during these years I wasn’t interviewed many times, probably about 4-5 times (technical interviews I mean). I have, however, interviewed quite a few DBAs, most of them in my current position as a VP Professional Services at Brillix (a 20-employee database consulting company).

So this post is going to be about my opinion, my way, do and don’t and other stuff from my experience. A disclaimer I need to mention – I’m not an HR person and don’t have formal education in this field, but any way I will be covering only the professional side of the interview. Continue reading “Interviewing a DBA”